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About Us

Staying Active & Healthy As A Family

We is busy. Finding time for fitness is tough.

As parents, we want to instill healthy habits in our kids. Studies show kids who are physically active at a young age will likely continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle as they become adults. 

Kids look to us as role models, so don't make fitness a chore, have fun with it and share some quality time getting healthy. 


We are here to help make things a little easier with our Personal and Small Group Training Sessions and our Kid Programs that let you work out while your kid does. Regardless if you are a regular runner or a couch potato - come as you are! We are here to help you meet your family's personal fitness goals.

Why Kin Fitness...

All levels welcome



Maximize your time



Trusted Certified Trainers

Meet your goals  - whatever

they may be!


Take a look at our Studio!

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