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Our Services

Classes & Programs

Fun workouts for kids, adults, and the whole family


Personalized workouts to meet your goals


Designed to spark their imagination & give you a chance to workout too

Small Group Training

Focused on particular topic or  a group of workout buddies


Classic and creative workouts full of fun not pressure 

Personal  Training

One-on-one sessions all about getting you to your goals


Make the most of your time working out together

Youth Athlete Training

Pre/off season cross training for middle & high school

Kid Programs

Kid Classes

Includes a weekly 45min session for 6 weeks, starting week of Jan 3rd for Winter Session 1. Classes are limited to 8 kids and adults have option to workout independently on our studio’s brand-new cardio equipment and free weights during the sessions! See schedule here.

Storybook Adventures

Once upon a time... an amazing group of kids set off on active adventures where they increase their strength, balance and cardio fitness while feeling like they are inside the story. Ages 2.5+  

Superhero Training

What is your superpower? Jumping, balancing, twirling? Get ready to find out and hone your fitness skills on our obstacle courses so you can go help save the world! Ages 3+.


Ready, set, go! A whole class of fun game-based activities, that will keep them physically challenged while instilling a sense of sportsmanship and teamwork. Ages 5+

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Adult Classes


All the classic cardio, strength, core exercises you know mixed into the perfect combo to keep you on your toes - always challenging, always fun.  

Cardio Conditioning

Focus on your heart health, stamina, and endurance with high intensity interval training - quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short active recovery periods.

Flex & Stretch

A mobility class to help improve overall flexibility, strength, and stability. Filled with easy-to-follow low-impact moves, total body strengthening exercises, and lots of stretching. Great for seniors, those recovering from injury, or anyone seeking to increase their range of motion!

Adult Classes
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Family Classes

Family Bootcamp

Fun filled class of sports drills, bodyweight movements, fun games and interval training. 3+ year olds may attend Family classes with a parent or guardian.

Kids vs Adults

Who will win, the kids or adults? A series of games and challenges to get you moving and having fun together. Bonding time like none other for competitive caregivers and kids. Ages 5+

Baby & Me

Where else can you get giggles during gym time? Babies and toddlers will love spending time with their grownup while you release some stress and get a full body workout. We welcome babies from 6 months to 2 yrs-old 

Family Classes
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